Rap newcomer Drake recently spoke on the possibility of releasing his debut album, despite his overwhelming buzz, without the support of a record label and the impact it would have on the music industry.

In addition to speaking on record labels, the rapper talked with DJ Semtex on who will likely assist with his album Thank Me Later.

“One person I’m looking at crafting the album with is Kanye West. That’s the one person I’m hoping will take the helm and direct it where it needs to go,” Drake said in an interview. “As far as features, I’ma do what feels right. I think that everybody’s looking forward to this one joint with me and Jay[-Z], so I think that needs to happen. Obviously [Lil] Wayne, my family, my brother, will be on there…There’s a lot of [labels] trying to put a bid in but I refuse to let this album be about politics…A lot of people argue about my buzz, ‘Oh it’s just the Internet buzz’ or ‘Oh it’s not real, it can’t materialize,’ so I think if I did put out an album with no label, I think I could really prove a point which is the changing of a generation because we don’t have the same marketing tools Roc-A-Fella used years ago, that Master P used to sell albums. We don’t have those tools, the game has changed. I feel like if I sign to a label and go platinum the first week, they’ll be like ‘Oh, it was the label push,’ but if I did it without, people might say this is really changing, the Internet is a powerful tool. And when you use it the right way, you can make magic happen. I really think it would be legendary, I don’t know how possible it is, because there’s different things you have to consider like distribution, marketing budget and what not. But we have a pretty strong team so I’ma see if we can make it happen.” (Semtex TV)

He is reportedly being linked to a possible deal with Universal Motown.

While there are as many as three major labels battling it out to sign Drake, the Toronto-born MC signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money label is close to signing a deal with Universal Motown, a source close to the negotiations confirms. Sources say three majors are in possibly “one of the biggest bidding wars ever” in hopes of signing Drake, including Universal Motown and Atlantic Records. (Billboard)

Cassidy recently discussed his reasons for going the independent route.

“I love hip-hop,” the rapper explained in an interview. “I just always wanted to prove that I was better than another rapper…The focus and direction of artists [has changed.] It’s bigger than it’s ever been…People [are] making business music as opposed to making good music…Yeah, I don’t want a deal right now. I’d rather have my freedom without people over me telling me what to do. If you was ever in the industry, you’d know what I mean.” (Rolling Out)

G-Unit producer Sha Money XL also spoke on problems he has had with major record label Interscope.

“Honestly, G-Unit is going through a new phase right now and Interscope right now is not the best home for them,” Sha said in an interview. “It’s a point in time where employees and everybody just not ethused enough to making things move forward and the staff…honestly, everybody rode off the G-Unit wave. They didn’t have to f*cking work, we f*cking created the wave and they rode it. So soon as it’s time to work and they gotta show and prove, ain’t nobody show and proved and f*cking getting radio and nobody doing what they gotta do ’cause it’s a f*cking c*ck sucking industry, aight? So everybody rode the wave and now we’re sitting here wondering what the f*ck is wrong with Interscope. They never had to f*cking work in the beginning, I’m sorry Jimmy [Iovine] but it’s the truth. Get better f*cking employees.” (The Urban Daily)

Both Drake and Lil Wayne were recently confirmed for a summer tour beginning next month.

We have learned that as of right now it is only Lil Wayne and Drake on the tour, no word on Jay-Z and Young Jeezy who were rumored to be joining as well. We also learned that the tour will begin in July this summer. No dates and venues have been announced but we can expect those soon. This information has been confirmed by Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant. We will be keeping you up-to-date on any news regarding the tour, as well as posting dates as they become available. Keep checking back. (New Lil Wayne)

A release date for Thank Me Later has not yet been announced.

Check out Drake’s interview below: