Young Money’s Drake recently revealed his admiration for pop diva Adele and dished on just how much he would do for her.

Amid buzz of a potential Adele “Hotline Bling” remix coming down, Drizzy did not hold back his feelings for the chart-topper.

“I’d do anything with Adele,” the rapper told reporters in Toronto on Wednesday night while in town for a Raptors game. “I’d literally go to Adele’s house right now and do laundry for her.” (EW)


A few days ago, Drizzy posted up a cartoon picture of himself and Adele on Instagram after news of a “Hotline Bling” remix interest went viral.

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Recently, Adele dished on her love for Drake and revealed her “Hotline Blign” remix interest.

“I really want us to do an official remix,” Adele said. “I love Drake. I love Drake so much. I even got the coat that’s in the video — I got it delivered the other day, I ordered it. The red one.” (e Talk)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoofed Drizzy’s “Hotline Bling” on a recent NBC “Saturday Night Live” broadcast.

The most indelible image of the parody was probably none other than host and Republican presidential contender and Donald Trump mocking Drake’s moves, chanting “call me on the cell phone.” Whatever you think of Trump the man, it’s definitely going to be hard to look at Drake’s dance moves the same way again. It’s also, as Vanity Fair’s Joe Reid writes, “the GIF-able moment his campaign was likely looking for.” (Mic)