OVO Sound‘s Drake is ready for new adventures and possibly enemies in 2017. The hip-hop artist recently announced he would no longer perform his hard-hitting anti-Meek Mill diss song “Back To Back.”

Footage has surfaced of Drizzy explaining the motivation behind retiring the epic battle rap.

“If people do the most left-field, f*cked up sh*t to try and tear you down, you still gotta win no matter what. That’s the whole key about this shit. So I’mma do this song. It’s the last time I’m ever gonna do this song – winning by any means necessary, and when you win, please do it gracefully in 2017. Alright? That’s my message to you. Go ahead.”


Last year, rap star Kanye West publicly said pal Jay Z avoided a Drake collaboration because of his feud with Meek.

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Recently, Meek Mill revealed what key social media advice he received from Jay.

“I was talking to Jay. He was like, ‘Don’t be going on the Internet arguing with them. You can’t win. There’s too many against one. Don’t even try it,'” Meek revealed. “I don’t want to always touch on violence all the time [in my music]. I want to give a message to the young kids. Get some money, take care of your family. Growing up, ‘gangsta’ to me was, you had to be robbing, you had to be killing, you had to do a lot of stuff. My new definition of ‘gangsta’ is go get your mom a house.” (My Mixtapez)


In September, Meek publicly dissed Drake in a Hot 97 radio freestyle.

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