Young Money’s Nicki Minaj has stepped forward to dish out on her now-infamous lap dance on fellow labelmate Drake in the new stunning “Anaconda” music video.

Instead of downplaying the steamy scene, Minaj said Drizzy boasted about the on-screen moment.

“After the lap dance, he was excited like hell. He was like, ‘Yo, do you understand? I’m the man after this video come out!’ We were just laughing. But it’s always good to do stuff like that with Drake because we’re so close.” (MTV)

Nicki also reacted to her video’s record-breaking Vevo accomplishment.

“I didn’t expect that. I didn’t even expect the picture getting the controversy it got. I didn’t expect that, so for the video to break a record, I was just like, ‘What the?’ …I didn’t think the video was so sexy or crazy, but I guess. I don’t know.” (MTV)

Nearly 20 million clicks in 24 hours has put Nicki’s “Anaconda” music video into another galaxy.

Nicki Minaj’s much-discussed “Anaconda” video smashed Vevo’s record for the most views in 24 hours, racking up 19.6 million clicks in the first day of its release. The explicit clip is still going strong, having pulled in more than 37 million views since it was unleashed Tuesday. “Anaconda” tops previous record-holder Miley Cyrus, whose “Wrecking Ball” clip garnered 19.3 million views over 24 hours, beating previous champs One Direction, whose “Best Song Ever” amassed 12.3 million views over the same period. (Billboard)

Nicki treated her fans to the not safe for work visual last Tuesday (August 19) night.

Over the course of the nearly five-minute video (which samples Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back), Minaj runs through a parade of not-so-subtle imagery: She eats bananas, sprays whipped cream on her chest, plays bongos on a backup dancer’s behind, and stands by as piña coladas slowly drip down coconuts. And then, of course, there’s twerking: in a jungle, a workout room, a pool, a white void – all culminating in a dimly-lit lap dance on a very satisfied-looking Drake. (USA Today)