OVO Sound boss Drake isn’t going to exert any additional energy into a publicized Hebrew Hustle lawsuit. New reports claim the hip-hop heavyweight has scored a payday from the music publisher days before a court trial.

According to reports, Drake has reached a settlement with Hebrew Hustle after initially suing the company for using his image for promotion without permission.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Drake is dropping his entire case against Hebrew Hustle and its owner after the two sides reached an agreement on a settlement. The documents state that Hebrew Hustle has “agreed to compensate Graham on confidential financial settlement terms for the False Endorsement and Right of Publicity claims and also to the entry of this consent order.” (The Blast)

Last week, reports surfaced about Drake going head-first into a serious lawsuit against the music publisher.

Drake’s been in legal battles with the publisher/management co. for years. Hebrew Hustle first sued him over a sample in his song, “Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2.” Now, he’s suing the co., claiming it used his name and image on its website … leading the public to think they’re working with him. In new docs filed in that suit, Drake’s lawyers call out the company over its name, saying, “The very name of Hebrew Hustle is offensive, as it perpetuates stereotypes regarding persons of Jewish heritage, such as [Drake].” (TMZ)

The 6 God aimed to dig into the company’s pockets for a series of damages.

Drizzy’s legal team says he would never have allowed the company to use his image due to its offensive name. According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Drake wants damages for the “mental distress” and “humiliation” suffered from any perceived connection to Hebrew Hustle — plus any money the company made from using his likeness. By the way, Drake beat HH last year in the lawsuit over his sample. (TMZ)