OVO Sound bos Drake has the perfect movie for everyone trying to stay indoors this winter. The hip-hop superstar has co-signed Jonah Hill‘s coming of age flick Mid90s.

Drizzy went to Instagram Wednesday (January 9) to share a screenshot from the flick and even sparked a reaction in his comment section from Hill.

A few hours ago, Jonah shared footage of Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator visiting the Mid90s production set.

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@feliciathegoat visited set one day at the courthouse during @mid90smovie . Great artists and friends dropping by set to join the family for the day was my favorite part. It is a family. These videos make me miss it , but happy at the same time. You know that feeling. We all do. ❤️@illegalciv @thatsonme @gio_sk8s @sunnysuljic @olanprenatt @rydermclaughlin @davontejolly @heidibivens Eli bush Scott Rudin Ken Kao Sacco Fenkle and Katz @a24 Scotty Robertson Blauvelt Jahmin @rodneymullen Lori! #gonz @fuckingawesome dill #aaronmeza was @alexademie and everyone. @Jerrod armichaelfanpg LUCAS HEDGES and KATHRYN WATERSTON !!!❤️❤️❤️ just went to Best Buy and bought a blue ray! spike Jonze harmony Korine Gus van sant Bennett Miller . All the BS . Judgement , lows , were so worth it because we all made a movie from our hearts. For the people that got it and supported it . For the people that it made feel something real. That felt alone and found a tribe. For better or for worse. Thank you for even watching it. This year I’m going to make a lot of things with love and care and I hope you check it out. And if you don’t, that’s cool too. The only reward I get is making things and being in the process with people I respect and love. I’m grateful. I love movies . And I love you all. All the kids that wanna be filmmakers , you can do it if I can. Let’s go this year! Make stuff with your friends trust me . It will give you so much. Turn your pain into art and ignore the noise of people that are negative. Let’s go this year! Make stuff with your heart. I’m here to support when you feel doubts know that I feel them too. But the reward is the feeling you get when you turn things that hurt into things that are beautiful. Let’s. Go. ❤️

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