Young Money rapper Drake continues to flood the Internet with must-read quotes from his new GQ magazine cover feature with the latest excerpt involving his stance toward wealth.

In Drizzy’s perspective, having $25 million in the bank is not enough to satisfy his hunger for more.

“He muses aloud about money. Yes, he wants it–for what it can buy, for what it signifies. He vowed he’d bank $25 million by the time he was 25–and he did–and now he’s wondering what it would take to run his life, with a wad of perpetual pocket money, at the level he wants. With the private jets and cribs, the vacations and hotel suites for the crew. He’s talking about Roman Abramovich, the Russian billionaire and owner of the Chelsea Football Club, whose yacht Drake believed cost $550 million. (GQ)

Within the feautre, he also points out how hip-hop artists are not nearly as wealthy as renowned businessmen.

“‘Do you know that even if I had $250 million in the bank, I couldn’t buy half of that?’ he says. (Turns out the yacht actually cost $1.5 billion.) ‘Rappers aren’t the really rich ones. We all have nice houses with studios and cars, but you need a piece of someone’s business to be super wealthy.'” (GQ)

Last year, billionaire T. Boone Pickens took a playful jab at Drizzy after he tweeted about the difficulty of making a million dollars.

For those of you who have been sleeping under a rock all week and/or too busy to care about what two rich dudes are saying to each other via Twitter: On Wednesday morning, the YMCMB rapper-singer tweeted, “The first million is the hardest.” To the delight of all, the oil magnate and wind-power advocate retweeted Drake’s words, adding, “The first billion is a helluva lot harder.” Drake, properly chastened, replied, “@boonepickens just stunted on me heavy.” Pickens, whose father also worked in the energy business, missed out on a golden opportunity to note that he was merely stunting like his daddy. (SPIN)

On Drake’s “5 AM in Toronto,” he references his ability to land on finacial publication Forbes’ richest list as reason enough not to worry about MTV’s “Hottest MCs in the Game” Top 10 placement.

It seems Drizzy felt he should have been placed higher. Or rather, he just doesn’t even care about the list at all. He’s beyond rap lists, to hear him tell it. He says as much on his new cut, spitting: “I swear, f*ck them n*ggas this year/ I made Forbes list, n*gga / F*ck your list, everything’s lookin’ gorgeous.” (The Boom Box)