West Coast renowned producer Dr. Dre displayed some home state love this week by recruiting fellow Los Angeles rapper Jay Rock for a Detox collabo session.

Although Detox‘s release as been viewed as a hip-hop myth over the past decade, Rock insists the delayed album will indeed come to light.

“Man, that dude right there is a legend,” Jay said in an interview referring to Dre. “A million rappers would love to work with him. I’m just lucky to get the opportunity…And from what I heard, I just gotta shake my head. The [Detox] album is crazy…You gotta give him 112 percent. It can’t be 99 percent or 100 percent. It has to be more than that. There’s 2,000 pieces, but at the end of the day all the pieces come together. His mind is crazy.” (XXL Mag)

Earlier this week, Rock tweeted a photo of himself next to Dre.

“ME n Dr Dre in the studio last nite. I’m trying 2 get on detox n get Dre on follow me home. A dream come true! http://plixi.com/p/75834568,” Jay Rock tweeted Tuesday (February 8). (Jay Rock’s Twitter)

Earlier this month, Dre’s official BeatsByDre.com website posted an April 2011 release date for Detox.

Dr. Dre’s eagerly anticipated album “Detox” has been given yet another release date, however the date happens to be 1st April… Now, on the official website of the producer/rapper, there is an image of the single artwork which has been redesigned along with the text “Album Available 4.1.2011.” Of course this is April’s Fools Day so it could well be a joke but for now it seems that April is the month that “Detox” will finally be made available. (M Is For Music)

Prior to an Interscope Records representative’s denial, Dre’s album was speculated to drop in mid-April.

Dr. Dre fans can finally exhale. After a decade of waiting for Detox, the hip-hop icon has announced his album’s release date in a rather anticlimactic way. Producer Just Blaze posted a video of himself in the studio with the Doc. While Blaze plugged his artist Saigon’s project, Dre revealed the date many doubted would ever come. “4/20, baby. 4/20, I’m comin’,” said The Chronic rapper, referring to April 20, the pot smokers’ holiday. You may notice that 4/20 is a Wednesday, a day later than the traditional Tuesday release in the U.S. When asked why Dre opted to miss a day of the sales week, Just Blaze responded on Twitter, saying, “We talked about that. [I’m] sure the publicity and hype of the date release would make up for the lost day.” (Rap-Up)

Check out some recent Dr. Dre footage down below: