Music mogul Dr. Dre is reportedly on to the next one after losing out on an opportunity to snatch a few million dollars from former record label Death Row. #StillWinningTho

According to reports, a judge recently gave Dre the thumbs down in a publicized $3 million suit.

Dr. Dre just lost a bid to squeeze a quick $3 million out of bankrupt Death Row Records … but $3 mil is pretty much beer money these days for a guy who’s zeroing in on billionaire status. We did some digging and found Dre filed a claim in DRR’s bankruptcy case, claiming he’s owed millions in royalties … for records Death Row sold while the company was in bankruptcy. Dre feels … since the money was raised off of his back in bankruptcy … he should get his cash before the other creditors. The judge shut down Dre’s motion … so it looks like he won’t see a dime. (TMZ)

Details of what Doc believed he was owed surfaced online over the winter.

Rap great Dr. Dre is currently in a lawsuit in Los Angeles against his ex-record label Death Row Records, claiming the company has shorted him more than $3.05 million in royalties from sales of his work. The “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang” singer said the number comes from unpaid amounts of $676,444.44 for unpaid mechanical royalties; $1,200,386.57 in unpaid artist-producer royalties; and $1,179,913 in digital sales he has yet to collect on. (The third total stems from a judge’s suggestion to the artist after he lost a 2010 trademark infringement suit.) (RadarOnline)

Reports also claimed Dre believed he should have received an increase revenue percentage.

In legal docs, the Compton native, 48, also alludes to a discrepancy in the payments he received from the company, as he said they have yet to honor a bonus that would jump his revenues from Death Row Album sales from 18 percent to 20. Notorious rap exec Suge Knight has not been in charge of the company since 2006, after he declared bankruptcy. Subsequently, the next owner, WIDEawake, sold some of the “Been There, Done That” rapper’s songs online, paving the way for his current claims via a vis the digital sales. (RadarOnline)

Back in 2011, the Doc enjoyed a small victory against Death Row.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Christina Snyder ruling states that the rapper and producer has received far less money than he is due from online sales of the iconic 1992 album, which also helped launch the career of Snoop Dogg. The ruling does not call for a halt of digital sales of Dre’s music, but entitles him to receive 100 percent of the proceeds of online sales. (Associated Press)