With the new release of his Silent Assassin mixtape buzzing, SOHH hit up Dallas, Texas’ Dorrough to find out why he decided to link with Atlanta’s own DJ Drama for the retail project.

Crediting their past success together as proof in the pudding, Dorrough said no further reason was needed to explain their collaboration.

“Me hooking back up with DJ Drama has to do with the chemistry,” Dorrough told SOHH. “When you do something that you’ve never done before and you have success with it, the simple thing to do is to stick with it. As long as it’s a success. [Silent Assassin] is actually my third project with him. My first, in 2010, was Gangsta Grillz No. 23. That was the first mixtape that I did after my album once I got signed. It went crazy. I had some success and we had talked about doing it again. So the following year, since the Super Bowl was in Dallas, that’s my hometown, and we decided to do it again and dropped Code Red. It got the most feedback that I’ve ever gotten anything I’ve done. Virally and in the streets. We were just like, ‘You know what man? We’ve done two tapes that have been a success. Especially the last one. How about we do a commercial release this time? Why don’t we put this on iTunes and in stores and do something different?’ So we decided to do that and that’s where we’re at right now.” (SOHH)

This week, Dorrough gave SOHH his top reasons fans should cop Silent Assassin.

“The first reason people should go out and buy the album is because every project I’ve done upgraded. This is the fifth project I have dropped since I got signed. I’ve become better and I’ve become stronger. I’ve made sure this is a more productive project than the ones before. For anyone that’s been keeping up with me, they know my last two projects were absolute fire. So to top my last project which was actually another mixtape with DJ Drama, Code Red, I knew I had to put a lot of time and effort into this project. I actually feel like I topped my last project and really came forward lyrically, with street and club bangers. It’s a complete album and I’m proud with what I did with it.” (SOHH Buy My Record)

New Orleans rapper Curren$y recently said the chance to reach into Drama’s fanbase inspired him to work with the Atlanta personality for their new Verde Terrace mixtape.

“There are some people that listen to Drama that have never listened to any of my music,” Curren$y told Mixtape Daily. “Some people are just getting hip to it now because they’re like, ‘If Drama f—in’ with it, I’mma have to give it a chance.’ ” On Verde, Curren$y rhymes over a mixture of original productions and tries his hand at other artist’s instrumentals. OutKast’s “Elevators” gets turned into “Smoke Sum’n,” and Jay-Z‘s “Stick 2 the Script” is transformed as “Ways to Kill Em.” At the moment, Curren$y tells Mixtape Daily his favorite track is “Pininfarina,” a lyrical affair over Maybach Music Group’s “Pandemonium” beat. With that, Curren$y and his Jets crew add to his ever-growing discography of mixtapes. Jets, where haven’t they done yet? (MTV)

Last March, G-Unit’s 40 Cal talked to SOHH about rolling with Drama instead of DJ Whoo Kid for their Graveyard Shift project.

“For this album, I wanted to deal with Drama because I had never really done anything with him,” 40 told SOHH when asked why he skipped out on working with G-Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid. “So I hit up Drama and asked him, ‘Yo Drama, I want to know if you could do this and that?’ And he was down with it and was like, ‘H*ll yeah,’ he really wanted to participate. So I felt it was only right. All of my mixtapes have pretty much been done with Whoo Kid so for this one I stepped out and went with Drama and this mixtape really came to become an album. So we ended up making this an album and not a mixtape. A lot of people think when they see Drama it’s only a mixtape but nah, this is an album and Drama is doing the skits for us and sharing the creativity. He’s also keeping the album crunked.” (SOHH)

Check out some past Dorrough footage below: