Southern rapper Young Buck might ride with 50 Cent‘s “Power” series but he’s keeping busy with the show’s arch rival. This week, Buck Marley linked up with “Empire” stud Bryshere “Yazz” Gray.

The G-Unit member went to Instagram Wednesday (June 14) with a shot of himself alongside Yazz.

A few days ago, Young Buck reunited with 50 Cent and his G-Unit crew.

Recently, Buck updated fans on his relationship with G-Unit and 50 Cent.

“Real sh*t never die. G-Unit ain’t going no f*cking where period. Straight up. Straight up. The brand G-Unit will never go nowhere. It was built from real sh*t and it’s going to end on. It’s always going to stand on real sh*t. Period. Point blank period. No matter how you n*ggas tangle, twist, hate it, whatever n*gga, it’s built on real sh*t, stands on real sh*t and it’s going to be here, n*gga. And it’s a part of me, period, n*gga. I don’t give a f*ck if you n*ggas see me over here doing this and that, it’s always G-Unit. I don’t got to keep screaming G-Unit to make you n*ggas know it’s G-Unit with me. N*gga. I don’t got to make you n*ggas or go put up a post with me and 50 to make you n*ggas know me and 50 are on good terms, n*gga. I’m establishing me. I’m a grown a** man. Quit asking me if there’s a f*cking problem with me and 50 Cent. That’s my f*cking brother. You n*ggas will be the first to know but you won’t hear it from me.”

In late May, G-Unit’s 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo performed together in England.

G Unit takeover last night 💯🙌🏽🔥@50Cent x @LloydBanks x @TonyYayo x @UncleMurda at @mutinyfestivals in Portsmouth!!

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