Former Roc-A-Fella Records artist Memphis Bleek has come forward to update fans on his status in the music biz and explain his disinterest in releasing a studio album.

In Bleek’s opinion, the general public is no longer interested in supporting album releases.

“I’m just not passionate about an album. I don’t think nobody buy albums. Nobody cares about albums. Music don’t last that long no more to really drop an album anymore. An album lasts about a week now. Then the next day they on somebody’s new single on the Internet. Your album is forgotten about. I make records all the time. I got a whole stash of records. That’s why I’m getting back into the groove of dropping records.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

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Last year, Bleek talked about longtime friend Jay Z launching his Tidal music streaming service.

“I’m not familiar with none of these streaming sites. I’m new to all of ‘em. TIDAL, to me, is worth it. I pay my $10 subscription as well. It ain’t like I got the free account and, on my app. I have every album I didn’t even ask for. I can listen to any album that just was released. I got over 50 new albums if they dropped today, they all on my phone right now.” (Shade 45)

Despite not being big on the music streaming game, Bleek previously said he had to support his longtime mentor’s new service.

“I really don’t know too much about the Internet world. I’m brand new to it myself. I don’t have Pandora and I don’t have Spotify, but you know that I’ve got Tidal because I’m riding for my crew. I think, because Jay Z’s behind it, the expectations are high. When you’re associated with greatness, people expect everything that you do to happen overnight. Sometimes greatness takes time, even when you’re Jay Z.” (Complex)