OHHA Promo

Donnell Rawlings of “Chappelle’s Show” fame and radio personality Angela Yee are set to host the 2008 Online Hip-Hop Awards (OHHAs).

The Online Hip-Hop Awards, brought to you by SOHH.com, were designed to empower the online community and give online fans a chance to show love for their favorite celebrities, bloggers and aspiring stars in a variety of categories.

Over a period of 12 weeks, fans logged on to www.onlinehiphopawards.com and cast their nominations and votes in over 30 categories. [View the finalists here]. On Wednesday, December 3, the first of the winners announcements by Angela and Donnell will be broadcast on SOHH.com.

Funnyman Donnell Rawlings AKA “Ashy Larry” will serve as a co-host for the ground-breaking award show alongside Shade 45 morning show personality and Lip Service host, Angela Yee. 

“Right now it’s a good time for the Online Hip-Hop Awards. The internet is bigger than it’s ever been with all these artists starting their own sites,” Angela told SOHH. “I felt really good about doing it because I’m online all day, all the time, looking at different people’s websites and getting all the news so I was familiar with everything that we talked about when it came to the different categories.”

Despite her familiarity with the topics, Angela admitted that she and Donnell ran into a few issues during the taping of the 2008 Online Hip-Hop Awards.

“Number one, Donnell really can’t read,” she joked. “And he also can’t do anything straight. He jokes around a lot. He can’t help himself.  It’s like a reflex to make a joke.”

For his part, Donnell said he was an obvious fit to host the show. “I am hip-hop,” he told SOHH. “That’s why it was completely natural for me to host the Online Hip-Hop Awards. That Angela is another story. Sure, she’s hot, but she ain’t hip-hop. She ain’t hood.”

Angela and Donnell will be joined by a cast of comedians and celebrities. Former “Saturday Night Live” cast member Dean Edwards will offer spot-on impersonations of Jay-Z giving advice to up an coming artists and Denzel Washington taking up rap in order to earn a few extra dollars during the economic recession. Comedian Kyle Grooms will channel President- elect Barack Obama and present his hysterical hip-hop bailout plan.

In addition, Soulja Boy, Jim Jones, Musiq Soulchild and Jazmine Sullivan will all make appearances.

The 2008 Online Hip-Hop Awards which were written and produced by Wil Sylvince and Erik Rivera will run on SOHH.com through Wednesday December 9th.

Check out this clip of Donnell and Angela as they announce their co-hosting duties.

Blooper Alert: Donnell really can read, but in this clip…