After hinting at a possible never-ending battle to retain his Los Angeles Clippers franchise, new reports claim ousted NBA owner Donald Sterling is handing over the star-studded team to his wife. #GiveItUp

According to reports, Sterling’s wife will now take control of the team’s publicized sale.

Donald Sterling, banned for life from the NBA for taped racist comments, has handed over control of the Los Angeles Clippers to his wife, according to media reports on Friday. Celebrity website TMZ, citing unnamed sources, reported that Sterling transferred control of the team to his estranged wife, Shelly, and she is negotiating with the NBA to sell the Clippers on her terms. ABC News also reported the change of control, citing a source close to the team. (Chicago Tribune)

Earlier this month, Sterling publicly apologized to his Clippers franchise and anyone offended by his now-infamous leaked phone recording.

In an interview with CNN that will air Monday night, the shamed Los Angeles Clippers owner apologized for the racist remarks that led to his lifetime ban from the NBA. But Sterling, who had dragged Magic Johnson into this mess by telling his associate, V. Stiviano, on the revealed audiotapes that he didn’t approve of her posting pictures with the Los Angeles Lakers legend online, also said in the CNN interview that he didn’t he didn’t think Johnson was a “good example for the children of Los Angeles,” in how he contracted HIV. (USA Today)

Recently, Houston rap veteran Scarface said Sterling should feel no urge to openly apologize for his leaked audio recording.

“I don’t feel like he should apologize. Why should he? I don’t apologize. Why should he? Why would he? For what? Ain’t no–Sorry for what? Sorry for what? What you sorry about? ‘I’m sorry because I don’t like black people.’ No sir. Why you sorry about that?” (AHH)

Prior to Face Mob’s remarks, Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz said he believed everyone had made controversial comments in private but acknowledged Sterling messed up by getting caught.

“I just think it’s a crazy situation. For me, period, I feel like some of us assume people in certain positions have this mind frame, or at least I do, without actually having to hear it but when you hear the confirmation, it makes you feel a certain way. But my whole opinion, I’m sure a few of us in here have said a few things to our friends whether playing or serious that we’re glad weren’t recorded and given to TMZ. … At the end of the day, he f*cked up.” (“Chelsea Lately”)