While Jay-Z and Kanye West continue to gain fame off their Will Ferrell-sampled “N*ggas In Paris” anthem, SOHH decided to hit up rap newcomer Don Trip about capturing the comedian/ actor’s voice and 2008 Step Brothers flick for a mixtape released last summer.

Although Don does not feel Jay and Ye stole his and rapper Stalito’s Step Brothers mixtape concept for their chart-topping single, he does find the situation a bit suspicious.

“I thought it was more than a conincidence [but] I don’t think it was no shot at us,” Don told SOHH comparing “N*ggas In Paris” to his Step Brothers mixtape. “I don’t even think Jay and Kanye are even focused on me and Star, but like I said, I think it was more than just a conincidence. I don’t know if they heard [the mixtape] and wanted to include it [on Watch the Throne] or the engineer or producer wanted to do it, but I think without that simple, the record would still have been a good record. The sample is in the record for no reason. Like I said, I think it was a little more than a conincidence but I don’t look far into it. It’s just something they did after we done it.” (SOHH)

Don also hinted at plans to possibly include Ferrell on the project’s follow-up.

“Of course, of course,” Don added when asked if he plans to keep sampling Will Ferrell. “Of course it’s a lot easier said than done, we’re actually trying to involve him in the second project. We’re trying to work it out.” (SOHH)

Last September, the Memphis rapper opened up about Step Brothers coming together.

“It was a little bit of both. I like the movie, but I think that’s one of Star’s favorite movies. He knew it line for line. I’m like, Man, I don’t know what’s wrong with this guy. It was interesting because we could make certain things…Step Brothers is a comedy. It’s not serious at all. It was interesting for us to be able to take excerpts out and make them tie into actual life. On “A Time to Kill,” the sample sounds eerie, it sounds serious, when you hear it on the tape it sounds serious. Like, if you didn’t know what that movie was, you would think something tragic happened.” (The FADER)

In November, Ferrell reacted to “N*ggas In Paris” sampling his voice and his hope someone uses his Step Brothers flick on a record.

“Kanye reached out to me and I said, ‘Of course,’ ” Ferrell wrote in an e-mail referring to the Blades of Glory sample request. “I was completely flattered when they asked if they could sample me into the song … and when I heard it for the first time, I just started to laugh because it felt so surreal. But I really did like the song.” So much so, in fact, that Ferrell said he’s hoping to take the Throne collaboration to the next level — “We were trying to film a piece that they would use on the video boards of their concert, but haven’t gotten it together,” he wrote — and the whole process has opened his eyes to an entirely new career opportunity: Being the go-to sample guy on the hip hop circuit. “I think [something from] ‘Step Brothers’ would be good [to use in a song],” he wrote. “Or the Woody Allen movie I did, ‘Melinda and Melinda.'” (MTV)

Check out Don Trip and Starlito’s Step Brothers mixtape below: