New York rapper Don Q doesn’t want any smoke or tabs from 50 Cent. The hip-hop artist has delivered a public service announcement directed at the G-Unit boss.

This week, Q released a video explaining how he had partied with 50 over the weekend and acknowledged drinking free bottles from the Unit leader.

“Man, I been partying with this man 50 Cent all weekend. We in the club, this n*gga pass me bottles every 15 minutes. I don’t even know how much this sh*t cost, I didn’t spend no money. I just want to make sure I don’t owe you nothing. If I do you, hit me up, let’s clear the tab. I ain’t trying to burn no bridges. I need to be in your TV shows and everything you got coming up. Let’s sit down and talk and figure this sh*t out.”

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Fif made sure to respond to Q’s video plea and promised he’s in the clear.

A few days ago, 50 joked about having some high-end designer toilet paper.

Last week, Fif went to Instagram and made sure to go all the way in on estranged Unit member Young Buck and his alleged past debt.