Former Ruff Ryders leader DMX remains in the headlines at the start of 2014 as reports claim he currently has the upper hand in a sticky situation involving a home foreclosure.

Details of X’s ability to successfully dodge a nasty foreclosure situation on an Upstate New York home have surfaced online.

DMX may be whacked out most of the time … but he’s still crafty enough to beat the bank in the foreclosure game. Mr. X has a house in Mt. Kisco NY … worth just south of $1 million. Problem is … he’s falling behind on his mortgage … hundreds of thousands of dollars, so the bank initiated a foreclosure action. Truth be told … the rapper hasn’t paid a penny for 1400 DAYS … since 2008. He currently owes $258,927. (TMZ)

Despite the hefty balance, the bank has not gone through with taking the home from beneath X.

Somehow, the bank hasn’t sealed the deal and taken the house back. The foreclosure action is still active … but DMX is still the owner. Arizona wasn’t as kind to Mr. X. Back in 2009 … the bank dropped the hammer on his house near Phoenix while he was in the slammer. And that must have made Sheriff Arpaio a happy man. (TMZ)

Outside of this situation, X’s representative Domenick Nati recently hit up SOHH and spoke on Dark Man X becoming a viral wedding crasher celebrity.

“I’m happy that this video is circulating so well,” Domenick told SOHH via a statement. “This is the type of stuff X does all the time for his fans. This video is a great example of DMX being DMX.” (SOHH)

The wild footage made its rounds online last month.

After stepping back from the spotlight to focus on being a preacher and deal with his legal troubles, sometime rapper and full-time cyberphobe DMX is already having an exciting 2014. He’s going on an international tour, he’s ranting about cops, and it seems he’s also crashing the occasional wedding party. (Gothamist)

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