New York rap veteran DMX is riding for law enforcement. The hip-hop star recently performed at a charity boxing event for local Big Apple police.

According to reports, X treated Yonkers cops to a mini-performance as a token of his appreciation.

X was at the Yonkers PD vs. Fire Dept. “Toughman Competition” Friday night … giving a rousing speech about the officers who found him last February lifeless in a parking lot. DMX boosted the energy up to electric levels at the event, helping them raise $80k. The hometown rapper performed “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” to a crowd of 2,000 … and they loved it. (TMZ)

Recently, rap veteran Nas publicly praised X’s greatness.

Last month, rap veteran Jadakiss reunited with Dark Man X.

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Earlier this year, Ruff Ryders’ Eve talked about wanting to get the crew back together.

“I saw Swizz [Beatz] the last time he was in London. But I haven’t seen X. I feel like I probably will while I’m here…We’re trying to get together – anytime Ruff Ryders calls me, I’m there. No questions. Whatever they need. No problem.” (“The Breakfast Club”)