DMX recently announced his return to the recording booth with Ruff Ryder associates Jadakiss and Swizz Beatz for the “Who’s Real” remix.

In addition to revealing plans to re-link with his old rap posse, X spoke on returning to hip-hop’s spotlight and what up-and-coming emcees should focus on.

“Just love what you do man,” X explained. “Do it for the love of it and you’ll get there eventually. You know what I’m saying? That’s what it is, man. Gotta keep it one hundred. I’ve been locked up for a few months, so I ain’t really heard [about rock and hip-hop fusing] you know what I’m saying? So I’m waiting to hear it, once I hear it, I’ll let you know how I feel about it. I was born ready for this [tour] man. BFW, ‘Built For War’ that’s what we do all day, it’s nothing. It’s not a motherf*cking game man, this is what we do. It’s what we built for, it’s how we get down. Real talk. That new Kiss and Swizz [Beatz] joint, you know what I’m saying? ‘She’s phony, she’s fake, she’s fake, that’s the type of people I hate.’ Aigght? I’m on the remix, check that sh*t out son, real talk.” (AllAZHipHop)

Jada has reportedly reached out to other rap stars for verses on the “Who’s Real” remix.

Jada is putting his calls out. Kiss wants Kanye West and Cam’ron on the remix of his current single, “Who’s Real.” The Black Babe Ruth’s Last Kiss is far from over. He just shot a video for “Who’s Real” in Harlem last week, with OJ Da Juiceman and Swizz. T.I., Ja Rule, the Clipse, Grafh and Black Hand Entertainment were among the friends who came down for cameo appearances. (MTV)

X recently spoke on seeking a righteous path upon his release from an Arizon prison earlier this month.

“I feel great man, I feel good man,” X said during a phone interview. “Doing a lot of praying, lot of people been praying for me. Wanna thank everybody praying for me, all the prayers worked. Yeah man, get back to this music thing. The movies, I got the industry waiting right now. But I gotta say it’s through the grace of God that I made it through this thing, because I’ve been to jail before, jail ain’t really nothing, but here in Arizona is a whole ‘nother situation man. They feed you two times a day, they got you wearing stripes in pink. It’s reckless man. I did some soul searching when I was in there, I actually read the whole Bible when I was in jail.” (Strawberry In The Morning)

Both Jada and Styles P previously talked about X’s prison sentence when they were in Arizona for the NBA All-Star break last February.

“I might just stay here an extra day and go visit the dawg,” Jada said in an interview referring to X. “Put some money on his books…I can visit him, man….That’s my big homie right there.” “You know I can’t visit,” Styles joking said. “I love you dawg, but he know, I can’t do it…Police in there and everybody, leave him alone. He’s just a man at the end of the day like everybody else. If he’s a rapper, that’s just his job. Just treat him like every other man. It’s all love.” (101.5 Jamz)

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