Former Ruff Ryders leader DMX recently offered his take on the war of words between Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg and Young Money in light of their current feud following a last-minute Summer Jam no-show courtesy of billed performer Nicki Minaj.

Asked for a reaction to the backlash Rosenberg has received since getting blamed for Young Money boycotting this month’s Summer Jam, the animated rapper took Hot 97’s side.

“F*ck ’em, f*ck ’em, f*ck ’em, f*ck ’em, f*ck ’em,” X told Rosenberg after hearing how the dispute between Hot 97 and Young Money happened following his “Starships” on-stage diss. “If they can’t deal with it, smack the sh*t out of them. Well, I mean if it goes further than that, if they’re disagreeing and it gets to the point where they get in your face, smack a f*cking tooth out their f*cking mouth. [Will I have your back if you do?] F*cking right.” (Hot 97)

Over the weekend, Young Money boss Lil Wayne said Rosenberg’s decision to disrespect Minaj cost Hot 97 her performance.

“That’s a female; first and foremost Nicki Minaj is a female. I don’t know what anyone else believes, but I believe females deserve the ultimate respect at all times no matter, when or where or how,” Wayne said in an interview. “As soon as she called me and told me she felt disrespected, I just declined everything — I pulled her from the show because … no person that works with me will be disrespected in my presence as long as I’m on this planet.” (MTV)

Recently, the female rap star revealed plans to put on her own free New York City concert in light of missing this year’s Summer Jam.

“Just run the entire interview. Don’t chop nothing else. I will tell you this one last thing: When I sat in the restaurant last night with my team, Beenie [Man] said, Nicki: Do you know what would happen if someone in Jamaica went on stage last night before I performed to the crowd? He said n*ggas would be in the hos-pit-al. But let me tell you: Nothing is worse than going home and having not played a gig. I just wanna leave with saying this: I’m gonna make this up to my fans. And I want my fans to know, nothing, no radio station, no one can alter our relationship. I have a very personal relationship with my fans, and I’m truly sorry that people’s nights were ruined. You guys have no idea, I’ve gone through hell and back. I’m not a quitter. I show up and perform. I went with my team’s decision, and I made history, and the next time I come out, people won’t disrespect me. And for once, I feel like I’ve really really shown the world, I love and respect myself, and people aren’t gonna go there any more. And you know what, Flex? Hit me on the email, it’s all good.” (“Funkmaster Flex Show”)

Earlier this month, Rosenberg ultimately caught the blame for Minaj’s no-show after dissing “Starships” at the event.

“In addition to the morning show, I do an underground show on Sunday nights, I host all of our showcases, I interview underground artists at my house, that’s kind of who I am,” Rosenberg said. “So when I went out there, I wasn’t really thinking about it, I was just trying to hype up all of the fans who were there to see Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, more of the underground acts. It just sort of came out. I did not anticipate the backlash.” (TMZ)

Check out DMX speaking to Peter Rosenberg below: