Former Ruff Ryders leader DMX is making headlines this week following an arrest in New York on a child support-related matter.

According to reports, police busted X Tuesday (October 27) for not paying $10,000 to ex-wife Tashera Simmons in child support.

A warrant was issued for Simmons’ arrest on a contempt of court charge in July, according to the Westchester County Clerk’s office. County police confirmed they and Yonkers police arrested him at 10 a.m. Tuesday morning at a Yonkers residence. (USA Today)

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During his court appearance after the arrest, X’s attorney convinced Judge Paul Marx to grant him a release so he could generate funds toward the child support.

Marx was clearly torn, pausing for several moments before saying that he would “take a chance” and release the rapper without bail. DMX’s next scheduled court appearance was set for Nov. 18. “I expect to see you back here on Nov. 18 to resolve this case in its totality,” Marx said. If not, he warned, “things will not go well for you.” (USA Today)

With plans to release new music in the near future, X recently acknowledged how much of a presence he still has in the public eye.

“Is there a difference between being misunderstood and people not knowing,” X asked in an interview. “They won’t know unless they see me. … I’ma make it, even though it looks rough. I get a little scared and sometimes a little shook up, when it gets like that, I get on my knees and look up. I jay walk and it’s in the news, you’re talking international news. That’s a good thing, it means people still care. There’s always going to be problems, you’re always going to have problems. That’s the only thing I hate about being famous, you never know who really loves you because everybody’s there – if there love never gets tested, who knows?” (ABC 7)

Reports of X receiving an early exit from jail surfaced online last summer.

X was sentenced to serve 6 months in July for child support issues with a baby mama who lives in Buffalo. However, the rapper tells TMZ there was an issue with his original conviction … he was never made aware he owed the baby mama any money. DMX was released Friday and greeted by his attorney Dominic Candino, but he can still find himself behind bars if the court finds X knew about the money problems all along and chose not to pay up. (TMZ)