New York rapper DMX looks like he has no plans of retiring in the immediate future. The hip-hop veteran has channeled his vintage days.

X went to Instagram this weekend with a quote from his standout classic “We Right Here.”

A few days ago, X reunited with Ruff Ryders Swizz Beatz and Eve.

Back in December, Swizzy showed off some footage of X back in his music-making mode.

Last year, rap veteran Nas publicly praised X’s greatness.

In early 2016, Eve talked about her close-knit Swizz Beatz bond.

“I saw Swizz [Beatz] the last time he was in London. But I havenโ€™t seen X. I feel like I probably will while Iโ€™m hereโ€ฆWeโ€™re trying to get together – anytime Ruff Ryders calls me, Iโ€™m there. No questions. Whatever they need. No problem.” (“The Breakfast Club”)