DL Hughley Defends LaVar Ball After ESPN Ban W/ Throwback Footage – “Same Energy Both Times, Same Hand Gesture”

Written By SOHH Squad

Comedian DL Hughley thinks ESPN and its popular "First Take" show owe banned celebrity dad LaVar Ball a major apology. The veteran funnyman went to social media this weekend to defend Ball after getting blown up over a televised expression and gesture.


Hughley hopped on Instagram Sunday with footage of Ball using his “switch gears” expression and gesture from 2017 and his now-infamous “First Take” appearance.

Ball has since come forward to deny having any sexual intention behind his on-camera remark.

“I don’t even have to respond to that on the fact that I meant no sexual intent. Nothing on the fact that ‘switch gears’ means change topics to me. Her mind in the gutter and she think of something else. Only time I hit on her is if she’s breaking in my house, and I mistake her for the boogeyman.”

A few days ago, ESPN reportedly decided to ban LaVar from all its platforms.

This week, “First Take” host Molly Qerim initially addressed the immediate aftermath of Ball’s remarks.

“I haven’t heard from anybody but to be honest – I shut my phone off after work. So I was just in chill mode. I think [boyfriend] Jalen [Rose] would have just liked if he had apologized to me publicly.”


Written by SOHH Squad


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  2. There is really nothing to defend here Molly said I want to shift gears here with him for a minute & he replied okay I’ll shift gears with you anytime now if ur a nasty minded person that could be construed as something else but I took it as if he was just saying go ahead with your question I’m ready this is being blown out to be big something bigger than what it really is

  3. I’m not a big fan of LaVar Ball but the only one who turned it sexual was Molly.   He did absolutely nothing wrong as far as I’m concerned and I’m getting sick of all this  lets make up a Me Too moment TRASH. Get IT together ESPN

  4. ThAnk u Mr hughley some 1 wit some sense I watched it live and felt nothing was wrong now ESPN Mr rose  and his wife owe somebody something and shame on u Mr rose u from the hood u been around u no disrespect u where once young u guys are BS!!

  5. So if she’s the first one to say Lavar can we switch gears for a minute, as he says yes you can switch gears on me anytime, I’m still trying to figure out how it becomes a sexual remark?? If it was sexst on his part,t it was sexest on her part as well, she clearly asked can we switch gears for a minute? 

    And knowing Stephen Smith like we know him and his mouth there’s no way he would have just sat there and not said anything to Mr Ball had it truly been a issue..

    I think Mr Rose and his wife need a little attention or something.

    Damn shame..

  6. That’s Jalens Wife. They are married. If him and Jalen have the relationship they supposed to have he would have just apologized to her help out and explained he no sexual connotation on his phrasing.

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