[With his new "Pull Up On The Block” anthem featuring iHeart Memphis still buzzing, DMV native DJ Young Music tells SOHH why he goes against the grain and uses his efforts to give up-and-coming artists national exposure.]

With everything I do, my whole thing is giving back at the end of the day.

Every time I get to a bigger platform, that’s a bigger platform for somebody else and what they’re doing. Originally when I started, a lot of people overlooked me and didn’t help me.

They didn’t give out a helping hand.

So when I got the platform to be on the radio and do this and that, my whole thing was, ‘Why don’t I do what no one else would do for me?’


When you hear Young Music on the radio, you’re going to hear a local artist. You’re going to hear somebody that you’ve never heard of before. I’m giving them a platform because that’s something no one ever gave me.

Everything that I do that puts me onto another level, I give back to help others.

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