[Pic: (l to r) Ant Glitzy, DJ Young Music, Da’Rai and Shade Jenifer]

[With his new “Pull Up On The Block” anthem featuring iHeart Memphis out, DMV native DJ Young Music gives SOHH the rundown on his DYMG brand and roster.]

I always looked up to Diddy and I always wanted to be like Diddy. So originally when I started, everybody always called me a young Diddy.

I would say over time people gravitate toward you and then you also get an eOne deal. That’s why I thought, ‘Why don’t I take this advantage and create DYMG? Why don’t I get Ant Glizzy, Da’Rai, Shade Jenifer and more artists and make some fire?’

There’s so much stuff. Shade Jenifer, his project is going to debut in December. Shade has so many songs. This kid has so many hits. I can’t even pick which songs I want to choose. Da’Rai has a lot of things coming up too.

He inspires me.


Ant Glizzy has one of the most anticipated tapes in the DMV and everyone is waiting for this project, “Barbason.”

If you’re on my team, it’s very different than any label, company or corporation.

Most of the people I work with, I’ve had a relationship with them before I started working with them. It’s almost like a friendship. It’s not just business.

It’s bigger than business. It’s loyalty.

I say loyalty because you can’t go anywhere without loyalty.

If somebody doesn’t have a pair of shoes or if they need something, you get it for them. You wouldn’t want to wait for a label to get that for you.

That’s why the DYMG is very family-oriented. It’s about loyalty and relationships more than business. Who wants to wake up and have to do business when you can wake up to friends?

You don’t want to always be on the clock. That’s why it’s more of a loyalty and friendship type of situation with DYMG instead of straight business.

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