[With his new "Pull Up On The Block” single firing up everyone’s Thanksgiving Day, Maryland native DJ Young Music breaks down the iHeart Memphis-assisted banger.]

For the song “Pull Up On The Block,” me and iHeart Memphis just happened to be chilling out. He was doing radio runs with me and we just got into the studio and made that song, “Pull Up On The Block.”

Originally we didn’t plan on doing a song but once we got to the studio, we just happened to do a song.

“Pull Up On The Block” is basically talking about my real life. When you hear, “Pull up on the block in a Mazzi,” or “Best friend, take your girl to dinner,” it’s really stuff that’s going on.

Every song that has Young Music affiliated with it, everything is based off of my real life and how I’m really living.


iHeart Memphis was right there with me for the whole song. We’ve been best friends and he was with me for a whole week. We were together and just chilling.

The music video is coming very soon. I can promise you that. The video’s going to be one of the craziest videos. You’ve seen the ‘Hit The Quan’ video and this is going to be a little different from that because it’s Young Music’s style.


You’re going to see cars, girls, money, jewelry and everything you really want in the music video.

I’m waiting on the video, you’re waiting for the video and I can tell you it’s going to be out very, very, soon!

To purchase “Pull Up On The Block,” just click here.

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