With today’s release of DJ Webstar and Jim Jones‘ duet album, The Rooftop, SOHH hit up one half of the Harlem duo to learn more about the project’s motivation and find out who will be featured on the project.

According to Webstar, the album will be geared to the females and provide a party theme.

“I don’t remember the last time a group came outta Harlem,” Webstar explained. “Like this is a group album, I don’t remember the last time a group came outta Harlem. Last time a group came outta Harlem, it was the first Dipset album and you see how crazy that is. Like it’s the best of both worlds, pause. Everybody know how Jimmy is, he’s a bonafide star, he has a real good presence, you know? Me? I’m more a party kinda guy. I brought him to my world for once, I brought him to the party, but he like to party too, but I brought him to the parties and it was just a great album. I’m sure when people hear it, they’re not sure what to expect. They’re not sure what we’re gonna talk about, Jim’s beefs with people, rappers, but they gonna hear a lot of good music, man. This whole album is geared toward girls. The name of the album is Rooftop, and for people that wanna know what the Rooftop was, that was a place where all the fly people and the drug dealers hung out in the ’90’s, the ’80’s and it was a rooftop. I went out and got the deejay from the original Rooftop which was Brucie B, I got Kid Capri, I got S&S and I got Ron G, they all on the album so shout-outs to them and it’s a good event.” (SOHH)

Both Web and Jones recently shot a music video for the track “She Can Get It.”

They came together to shoot their new music video for yet another wonderful single for their joint venture “The Roof Top,” being released by E1 music and Scrilla Hill, “She Can Get It,” featuring T-Rex an artist signed under DJ Webstar record label Scrilla Hill. The video was directed by Jim Jones, Cliff Charles, and produced by Beth Melillo. The story line of the video is yet another funny one where Jim Jones once again plays the father role to DJ Webstar and they own a glamorous shoe store for women. (Press Release)

Referring to Webstar’s “Chicken Noodle Soup,” Jones previously explained what drew him to the 22 year-old rapper.

“Webstar had a smash song on the radio and I kept thinking like, ‘D*mn, it’s a Harlem thing going on.’ I called him up and jumped on the record with him and the song ended up doing things we couldn’t imagine,” Jones explained in an interview…We thought of different ways to make Webstar bigger than he already is. I told him if we did a duet album together, it wouldn’t be a discredit to him, it would only help build his brand which in turn will get him more money when he does his solo album…I’m about to take a trip back into the lab and start my infamous recording process that I’m known for, so look forward to that.” (BET)

The rapper joined forces with E1 (formerly Koch Records) earlier this year.

DJ Webstar (“Dancin on Me”) has signed his deal with E1 Music/Splash/Skrilla. E1 Music is the new name for Koch Records. Splash is the label formed by Dame Dash and Jim Jones. Skrilla is Webstar’s first label. His deal comes off the height of the new record “Dancing On Me” which is a #1 smash in NYC. The video features Jim Jones, Dame Dash and DJ Webstar at the E1 offices in NYC. (Vlad TV)

Check out a portion of DJ Webstar’s interview below: