After Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul revealed his crew were traveling throughout the nation with the casket of late group member Lord Infamous, SOHH hit up the rap veteran to learn more.

Paul revealed plans to keep Infamous’ casket on the current Da Mafia 6ix tour and hinted at what he may do with it after the run ends.

“Yeah, we still got the casket on the road,” Paul told SOHH before heading out to the annual South by Southwest music festival. “It’s going to be on the road for the whole tour. There’s no point in only having the casket for half of the tour. If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it. It’d cost too much money to ship it back. [laughs] It’s just for the tour. It ain’t easy carrying that thing around, man. I think I’m going to take the casket to my house.” (SOHH)

When recently asked about an Ohio tour stop, he broke the news of Infamous’ casket joining the nationwide run.

Gangsta Boo is going to be there, so will Crunchy Black, Koopsta Kniccaa, and a special appearance by Lord Infamous. We’re bringing his casket out; we’re bringing it to every show. I wanted him to be there. I’m that kind of guy–a weird, kinda creepy kind of guy. I had to pay a lot of money to get an extended tour trailer that would fit his casket and all of the merch.” (Toldeo City Paper)

The Three 6 co-founder also shared a few words on how he had dealt with his unexpected passing.

“I’m doing good. I kind of expected it, so it didn’t hit me so bad. I keep my phone on all night, because I knew one day I would get the call. He escaped death so many times, from getting into car accidents, to run-ins with the police, to getting robbed. We used to call him the cat because he had so many lives. He was the nicest guy, and he really didn’t care about anything except his kids. He wasn’t a very materialistic person. On that night, I finally turned my ringer off, because I was tired of people calling me. So the next day, Twitter and Facebook knew before I did. A couple of tears came down, and then they stopped. People told me it was ok to cry, that I didn’t need to be a tough guy, but I was just prepared for it.” (Toledo City Paper)

After widespread speculation, Paul revealed medical complications contributed to Lord’s shocking passing in December.

Rapper Ricky Dunigan, known by the stage name Lord Infamous, died of a heart attack in Memphis at the age of 40, fellow members of Three 6 Mafia said. Dunigan, a founding member of the group, died in his sleep Friday night at his mother’s home, DJ Paul told The Hollywood Reporter. “He said he was tired, he wanted to sleep,” Paul said. “He sat down at the kitchen table, put his head in his arms to lay down … to get some sleep.” Paul said Dunigan’s mother was not home at the time and discovered her son dead at the table when she returned. (UPI)