DJ Louie Styles Teams W/ David Jay For New SPECIAL Video

Written By Cyrus Langhorne

Producer DJ Louie and David Jay are here to heat up everyone's winter. The music duo have teamed up for their newly released "Special" music video.

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In celebration of its release, SOHH hit up Louie to dish on the making of his steamy, party-filled visual. Watch and comment below!

The song came together when I found an interest in David Jay’s music after listening to his single “Coco”. I liked the way he put together his hooks and catchy bridges. After listening to that song, I right away reached out to put together a fresh track. Dancehall is a favorite genre of mine since a younger teen when I would listen to Sean Paul, so I felt it was only right to choose David Jay for my first dancehall single I put out.

For the first process of the record I came together with a producer named Milenium. Millennium is a producer from europe who I have been discussing on working a project with for a few months now. Being in New Jersey while David Jay is in Africa, I gathered up a few beats I thought that would fit his style perfectly. At first I chose one but redirected it to another. After pensively thinking it through, I picked a beat that had a very tropical/uplifting vibe to it. It took no longer than three days for David Jay to go in and send me back the song with his vocals added to it. The moment I listened to the song and showed it to my team at LAE Records, we were all hooked to it.

The very same day after I listened to the finished song that David Jay sent, he right away said we need to shoot a music video to this. I had no hesitation in saying we should release it as a music video as well. It only made sense because the song was so good that it deserved some visuals to it.

When it was time to shoot the video I went right to my guy Director “Bobby Ben-gal”. Bobby Ben-gal is a very talented director from New Jersey who works on the visual side at LAE Records. After speaking with him and the team we came to the conclusion that we could film it right in New Jersey if David Jay flew out from Africa. We had the right location and setting for him to fly out to us and get it done. We shot the video in September and planned until the release date in February. As a collective, LAE Records teamed up with Vydia to distribute the single. Currently, there has been nothing but positive feedback with the record from different people around the world. 

Whats on deck to follow is there will be some remixes coming out of the record. Possibly a latin version as well.

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Written by Cyrus Langhorne

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