Miami producer DJ Khaled‘s quest to prove he’s the best may have reached its peak after teasing fans about putting together a new Jay Z collaboration.

A new trailer of Khaled cruising through Jigga’s childhood neighborhood boasting about the track has landed online.

“I am honored to work with Jay Z on my new album. I’ve worked so hard to get to this point. My fans expect me to be greater and keep being great, so I made it my business and I made it a mission to secure more wins.” (WSHH)

The mega producer also hinted at a new album dropping in the coming months.

“I just left Marcy projects , see for yourself the summer is mines! #theydontloveyounomore #wtb jus know!!” (DJ Khaled’s Twitter)

Last year, Khaled said he wanted to add one of his anthems to rap star Eminem’s extensive music track record.

“Tell Eminem I want to do a record with him, and I think the fans and the people, they wanna see that too,” Khaled said Wednesday (March 13) on “RapFix Live.” “I need help on that. Sway, can you talk to Em? … He’s amazing. It’s Eminem. But I feel like we need to do an anthem together, a record together. We need to get in the studio together, me and him just vibe out. I want to play him the beat, give him the energy, the inspiration. Then I want his engineer, not mine, his, and make him feel comfortable, turn the mic on and do what we do.” (MTV)

A couple years prior, Khaled detailed his struggle in trying to land Slim Shady.

“I wanted Eminem,” Khaled said in an interview this week. “I really want to make it happen, I think it’s gonna happen…I never really sat down and talked to him — I’m a fan of him and I’m cool with him, but he doesn’t know me like that. I really don’t know what route to get him…I don’t just ask people to get on records. I want people to want to want to do the records and know I’m gonna make a hit record ’cause that’s what I do. I’ve worked with Jay Z before, I’ve worked with Kanye [West] before, so I wanted to reach out to Eminem.” (Hot 97)

Check out the trailer and new track: