We The Best CEO DJ Khaled knows Birdman’s not your overnight music mogul. The hip-hop producer has discussed how Baby’s early hustle days ultimately put Cash Money Records on top of the industry.

According to Khaled, he learned early on from working at New Orleans’ Odyssey record store the payoff Birdman enjoyed by selling their records to local spots.

I learned a lot there,” he says. “When people would buy CDs or cassettes I’d have to scan it, and the sale would get documented [by Nielsen SoundScan]. So when we’d sell music by people who didn’t have national deals yet, like Birdman and Slim bringing me the early Cash Money albums out of the trunk of their car, I’d get [major] record companies calling me up asking, ‘Are you really selling all those records?’ ‘Absolutely — they sell out in an hour.’ So I learned that by those guys going to the local store to sell their music the correct way, it ended up [getting them major-label deals] and changing their lives. If you’re good at something and the people want it, make sure you get your credit!” (Variety)

A few weeks ago, Birdman flexed Cash Money’s music-selling ability.

Last month, footage surfaced of Birdman talking slick to Lil Wayne fans.

“I been hearing all you n*ggas talking about this Lil Wayne sh*t. Lil Wayne this. Lil Wayne that. B*tch, Lil Wayne’s my son, I raised him. He ain’t have nothing. I brought him up to be something and got something. B*tch, I ain’t going make sure he’s straight? Suck a n*gga d*ck. B*tch, I’ma show all you p*ssy a** n*ggas that got into my business, f*ck you n*gga. I’ma show you. Don’t play with me, n*gga. I’m what you call a real mastermind.”

#Birdman speaks on his situation with #LilWayne 👀 Y'all better leave him alone 😩

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Recently, music executive Irv Gotti shared his take on Baby’s publicized rift with his estranged Cash Money protégé.

“I don’t get the Weezy and Birdman thing. You say this guy is your son, you’ve known this guy forever, you should work that out. Just pay him. Just pay him. He deserves it. Not only did ‘he’ put Cash Money Records on his back for all them years, he brought you f*cking Nicki [Minaj] and Drake. Give the n*gga [something].”