We The Best CEO DJ Khaled is out here putting huge respect on Puff Daddy’s name. The hip-hop hitmaker has saluted Diddy on turning 50 by explaining just how important he is to the music biz.

On Monday, Khaled went online to shout-out Puffy with a must-see salute video.

“Ayo, bless up! Puff Daddy, I want to wish you happy birthday. God bless you, you and your family. Thank-you for your friendship, thank-you for being my brother, just thank you for being you. Matter of fact, I got you hung up in my office. That’s how you know it’s on another level. Alright? You know what I’m saying? I got you hung up in my office so you know it’s on another level. You know what I’m saying? … Thank-you for what you’ve done for hip-hop. Matter of fact, somebody call the person that invented the dictionary. They made a mistake. They made mistake, they gotta fix it ASAP. When they put the word ‘excellence’ and define the word ‘excellence’ they gotta put Puff Daddy, Diddy, Sean Combs in there because you are the definition of excellence. God bless you my brother. Thank-you for everything. Love forever. You’re 50 and you’re just getting started. Matter of fact, you made it, you made it. God bless you. God is great.”

On Monday, Puff Daddy went to social media to acknowledge hitting his life milestone.

Over the weekend, Diddy reflected on gearing up to hit his 50’s.

A few weeks ago, Puff shared a personal message to his late ex-girlfriend Kim Porter, Sarah Chapman and Misa Hylton.