After being targeted by 50 Cent in a series of songs and video clips, DJ Khaled has refused to engage in a rap beef with the G-Unit frontman vowing to only “represent the music.”

The Def Jam South labelhead has decided to pass on the controversial rap beef with 50 Cent.

“I don’t deal with negative energy, it’s a waste of my time and my time is valuable,” he said in an interview. “I keep negative away and stay positive…At Def Jam, we promote music…We promote hit records. That’s what I respect. I’m always going to represent the music; Rick Ross is gonna represent the music. If controversy comes with it, it comes with it.” (MTV News)

The Terror Squad associate has taken a cue from frequent collaborator Fat Joe who also recently suggested beef should be dismissed for music.

“50 Cent just gotta make music,” Joe said in an interview. “He does all these diversions and disses rappers to eliminate the fact that he’s not really hot and relevant right now. So if two weeks ago we were talking about 50 Cent, what record or what would we really be talking about unless he disrespected Rick Ross…I’m tired of all these gimmicks and these games. This man’s just gotta put out hit records. That’s what we’re doing…We making music. At the end of the day, we fell in love with hip-hop to make music and hit records.” (Kendra G)

Khaled was drawn into the recent beef between 50 Cent and Ross when 50 released a video of members of Fif’s camp stalking Khaled’s mother’s house and place of work.

“Yo, I got this lil’ poem I wrote for DJ Khaled,” 50 narrates. “Your car tires got stabbed out, now you know, I know where you be. I just wanna tell you what a psychic told me. I know where your mama house at. Now look, you can see. But I just wanna tell you what a psychic told me. I know where your mama work at, now look at her, asleep. I just wanna tell you what a pyschic told me. I’m not the kinda n*gga you should f*ck with, B. I’m special. I have less compassion than the average human.” (This Is 50)

Ross, on the other hand, has disregarded suggestions to just focus on music with the release of a new 50 diss track.

“N*gga you doing radio interviews, they don’t wanna listen to you, they wanna hear you talk about me,” Ross says in the track. “Bang Em Smurf. Queens. Forever. I appreciate the hospitality. Ricky Ross. I’m buying a loft there now. I’m building a studio there now…You haven’t dropped a hit yet. You probably with [Dr.] Dre in the studio, booked up, busy. Anybody wanna get involved, you’re more than welcomed…I wanna see the gorillas. I wanna meet ’em…Put your hit out on me, I’m ready.” (WSHH)

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