Def Jam South President DJ Khaled has announced becoming the latest artist to sign a new record deal with Baby‘s Cash Money Records.

Breaking the news via Twitter, Khaled revealed his new association to the same label whose clientele includes rap artists Bow Wow and Lil Wayne

“Its getting serious my lawyer theo and cash money lawyer vernin brown just landed from a helicopter to make this meeting! $wethebestforever,” he tweeted Thursday afternoon.

“This cash money we the best meeting is getting real interesting!”

“ DEAL IS DONE!!WE THE BEST YMCMB! See live footage from @Derick_G !! Hard work pays off! I’m on my way to the studio!”


The contract comes weeks after Khaled’s Miami associates Cool & Dre sealed their own deal with Cash Money.

“In 2011 it’s all about diversifying your talent and aggressively pursuing opportunities,” Andre “Dre” Lyon said in a statement. “It’s not about replacing legends and their accomplishments, it’s about creating a new legacy to inspire future young business men and women. Catch you at the Heat games, Wade let’s get it!” Cool & Dre experienced success with Cash Money in the past, having produced tracks for Lil Wayne, Birdman and Young Money. (All Hip Hop)

Producer Sean Garrett recently informed SOHH that a possible Cash Money deal for him was still in the works.

“We got about four or five other deals on the table right now,” Garrett told SOHH about his pending deal with Cash Money Records. “The negotiations is getting real heavy but you know, that’s my home team, that’s where I want to be so we’re just gonna have to make it work. There’s a few things that we’re still going back and forth on but everything is looking really good and that’s family regardless. I got so much love for them. Me and Tyga were just on ‘106 & Park’ … That’d be really really dope to be there with Cool & Dre. I’ve known them for a while, Cool & Dre. They’re real cool people. I’m like a chameleon, Sean Garrett, I f*ck with everybody. I’m not a person that’s hard to deal with. Even though I’ve been so successful, everybody knows how humble I am, I just do what I do.” (SOHH)

In an interview from earlier this week, Baby talked about the success and longevity of Cash Money Records.

“I look at that sh*t as we went through war and we sustained the weather and we stood in the fog,” Baby said in an interview. “Even when muthaf*ckas counted us out, we stood up and we manned up. We did everything we had to, to get where we’re at today. I think God gives it to ya when he feels you’re ready for it. It took us a long time; we had to go through a lot of changes. A lot of obstacles, losses, gains. I just think right now we’re so great at this sh*t. We got so many young n*ggas who look at me and Wayne and what we’ve accomplished. You see the hunger [that] Drake and all the rest of those little n*ggas [have] because they’re reaching for those stories. We work like n*ggas who never made a dollar and I think that’s impressive to them. That makes them go harder. Those little n*ggas got promising futures.” (XXL Mag)

Check out Baby talking about Cash Money Records below: