Def Jam South President DJ Khaled recently talked about his working relationship with Kanye West and how the Grammy-winning superstar is not your typical emcee.

Recalling his past experience working with him and T-Pain on “Go Hard,” Khaled said Yeezy has to respect artists before linking up.

Kanye is great friend of mine. He was doing a show in Miami, and so I went backstage to try and find him. It’s hard to get with Kanye. You got to have patience, and he don’t just f*ck with just anybody; everybody doesn’t get a verse from him. ‘Ye has to really respect you to work with you. So I’m talking to him in the lounge area at the arena and I played him ‘Out Here Grindin” before it leaked and he went crazy. And then I played him the ‘Go Hard’ beat, and I started singing the hook right there myself. His eyes opened up wide, and I knew he understood my energy.” (VIBE)

Aside from being an executive and producer, Khaled recently defended his decision to rhyme on the “All I Do Is Win” remix.

“I love music, [Ross] is definitely gonna be a ghost writer for me,” Khaled told DJ Envy in an interview. “I ain’t hiding it…Everybody said ‘Khaled you need to spit something one day,’ so I said you know what, it’s only right that I do it on the ‘All I Do Is Win’ remix and I waited four albums to do it. I’m not a rapper, I’m having fun. You will hear a few verses once in a blue moon, just doing my thing. Shout-out to Swizz Beatz, my brother had took it to another level. Shout-out Puff Daddy, I’m just doing what I do. I love music.” (Power 105.1)

Earlier this year, Khaled spoke on his placement in hip-hop.

“I’m like the LA Reid of hip-hop, the Berry Gordy of hip-hop,” Khaled told radio personality Jenny Boom Boom. “I feel like I’m the executive right now that’s in the streets and going to take it to the next level, that’s the goal, you know what I’m saying? That’s the next goal. At Def Jam, we’re one big team, and I’m an executive at Def Jam, office in Miami, but I gotta come to NewYork, do big meetings…LA Reid is a boss — those [firing reports] are rumors, that’s not happening. He hired me, so I’m with LA Reid for life, man. Shout-outs to LA Reid, one of the best execs in the game and also he’s a music guy, he’s another Berry Gordy.” (“Jenny Boom Boom TV”)

The hitmaker recently discussed how involved he is with artist development.

“DJ Khaled’s involvement is everything in the record,” Khaled said in an interview speaking of himself. “DJ Khaled comes up with the concept. DJ Khaled gets with the producer and is either me making it or somebody else making it with me orchestrating the situation. DJ Khaled is bringing the energy from the artist, to me, to the producer, then to the room. I am Berry Gordy of hip-hop.” (All Hip Hop)

Check out Kanye West’s “Go Hard” music video below: