New York radio personality DJ Envy admits he let emotions get the best of him this week. The hip-hop veteran has come forward to explain why he lost his cool and walked out during a “The Breakfast Club” interview.

According to Envy, he had no choice but to explode on “Breakfast Club” guests Desus and Mero for recently taking a swipe at his wife.

“I heard it about a month ago and I was pretty upset. They’re friends – they’ve been on the show several times but when I heard what they said about my wife I was pretty mad. I wanted to address them publicly. I felt like they disrespected my wife publicly so they would have to apologize publicly so that’s why I did it live on air. They made fun of me, which is fine, making fun of me, but when they insinuated that my wife was only there for the checks that was the problem. My wife’s been with me since I was 15 and I couldn’t even believe they would say something like that especially since they’re someone I consider friends and that’s why I had to check them.” (TMZ)

The Big Apple personality also killed any speculation of having an active beef or problem with the personalities.

“It was serious and I wanted them to know I was serious about it. I have no problem with them. There is no beef, there is no problems. I said what I had to say and of course they’ll be invited on the show again. They apologized and it’s over. As men, we can have a disagreement. We can apologize. We don’t have to have beefs or fights. They said what they said, apologized and it’s over. I just didn’t want to be there knowing Charlamagne’s a jokester and comedian and I wanted it to be known that it’s serious. It wasn’t staged. It wasn’t a joke. This was something true to my heart. I don’t think any potential future guest is going to talk about my wife and if they do then they’re going to get that as well.” (TMZ)

Last month, the duo went at Envy’s wife by suggesting she stayed with him amid a past publicized cheating incident for financial security.

On an episode of Desus & Mero from Feb. 15, the duo showed a snippet of DJ Envy and his wife Gia Casey on the talk show The Real. Envy stated that, “I was Raashaun at home but on the streets, I was DJ Envy,” to which his wife remarked, “I didn’t know DJ Envy.” The comment in question is when Desus responded, “But you knew them DJ Envy checks though.” (Complex)

Yesterday, the Internet didn’t waste any time turning Envy into a must-see meme.

In the past, DJ Envy confessed to cheating on his wife with reality TV personality Erica Mena.