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DJ EFN Praises The Mayor: “Trick Daddy Is The Pinnacle Of Miami Music, Hip-Hop & Rap”

Written By Cyrus Langhorne

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[With his new Another Time album finally available, music veteran DJ EFN talks to SOHH about the importance collaborator Trick Daddy on the Miami hip-hop scene.]

The way I look at it and the way a lot of people here look at it, Trick Daddy is the pinnacle of Miami music and Miami hip-hop and rap.

The truth is, a lot of the artists that have come from Miami and been successful, if you look at their first album, I would probably say almost everybody if not nine out of ten of those people, they always had a track with Trick.

Trick had to co-sign you for you to say you were legitimately from Miami. That’s just a reality. Trick is one of the realest dudes. What he reps is what he really is.

He’s a dude from the ‘hood but if you listen to his messages, if you can just take the lyrics for what they are, he’s really telling you some positive sh*t and telling you about the ‘hood. He really wants to change it.

I think people just don’t give him the credit he deserves as a lyricist. I think you’ll notice it when you sit down and listen to the messages and the lyrics he’s putting out. That’s why I knew I needed to showcase him to a whole ‘nother hip-hop audience and put him on records that I think are a perfect match for him.

Check out DJ EFN’s “Survival” with Juvenile, dead prez and Trick Daddy:



Written by Cyrus Langhorne

SOHH.com Editorial Director. You can catch me clocking in steady work on Call of Duty when not covering everything hip-hop 24/7. My rap goats? Action Bronson and Curren$y.


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