DJ Drama recently gave his take on the aftermath of teaming up with Lil Wayne for their Dedication 4 mixtape and what the overall reaction has been to the project.

Pleased overall, Drama said the hip-hop fans have appreciated yet another Dedication offering.

“It was fun working on that album. That’s a project that’s important to a lot of people, that’s important to the culture, that’s important for his and my career. I wanted to put my all into it. I think the response has been good. Wayne is in an interesting space because he’s done so much and accomplished so much. His hardest thing is doing something that he hasn’t done yet. Overall, it’s been good. I think that it made sense in the series and it had some good features and good raps. It’s Wayne at his best, being creative.” (Complex)

Despite big co-signs, G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha T recently downplayed Weezy’s effort.

“Yeah, yeah,” Pusha said when asked if he has heard D4. “It wasn’t that good. [Nothing crazy?] No, not at all. … Nicki [Minaj] got busy on ‘Mercy’ though. She got busy. She got busy. You’ve gotta give credit where it’s due. Nicki got busy. [What’s the deal with me and Wayne?] Man, ain’t no deal. Listen, it really ain’t. I think a lot of people take it a bit further. I don’t have a lot of ill will toward them. … I didn’t do that then though [in the mid-2000’s]. Back then it was a thing where people were talking about him and Bape and all that stuff. Bape ain’t mine — I was never saying anybody was trying to be like me but people were saying it and this was like the social media thing. They caused it and then he commented on it like it was me.” (“Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg”)

Back in August, Wayne blamed boredom for fueling the new mixtape.

“I just felt like it was time. I got bored,” Weezy told DJ Drama when asked about the motivation behind his upcoming mixtape. “Being me, I always feel like I ain’t done nothing yet. So I’m always looking for the next thing ‘to do.’ Other than that, yeah, it does get pretty boring when it comes to just the rapping and all that type of stuff. I’ve done so much of it. I’ve been doing it since I was eight and I’m about to be thirty in September and I’m still rapping. I kind of feel like I’m getting old. [laughs]” (Drama Like The DJ)

After multiple delays, D4 finally arrived in early September.

Lil Wayne has officially released the fourth installment in his popular Dedication mixtape series, Dedication 4, for free. After DJ Drama announced that he would be teaming up with Lil Wayne for another Dedication mixtape, fans have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Dedication 4 project. The details on the project have been rather sparse, and Weezy has only released one single in the 2 Chainz and Drake ‘No Lie’ Freestyle Remix. DJ Drama also promised that fans would get everything they expect from Mixtape Weezy on the project, which has driven the hype for this project that much more. (The Versed)