[With his new Street Gospel 2 mixtape slated to arrive next week, Virginia’s Young Money Yawn dishes on his relationship to host DJ Drama with SOHH readers.]

I don’t know what it is but I’m the type of person that’s well-received by people. They say some people are real and they just gravitate toward me.

DJ Drama manages an artist named Lakeshow and they’re cool with my management. They roll back and forth with us as far as rapping and both of our managements keep in contact.

Once the time was right, me and Drama ran into each other a few times. He introduced me to Meek Mill and a couple of other people when I went to Philly. He rocked with me from the very beginning. I can’t even front.

And then on top of that, I had an Uncle Luke co-sign and that was even more reason for him to deal with me. If I could work with Drama, I feel I could work with anybody.

That’s where the relationship stems from. Drama is good people. At the end of the day, it’s very beneficial for me to work with him and it’s also very beneficial for him to work with me.

I’m from Southern Virginia where there aren’t any major sports and most artists don’t come that way. At the end of the day, my area and my type of music, it hasn’t been tampered with yet. So he’s the first to really try it out.

Most times you’re dealing with artists from other major cities but now you’re getting a breath of fresh air.