Atlanta producer DJ Drama has come forward to speak his mind on the horrific Orlando shooting massacre and explain why tougher gun control laws are vital.

In Drama’s opinion, the lack of stricter gun control rules can easily lead to more widespread violence.

“The ultimate goal in my mind is to do whatever is possible to keep Donald Trump out of office – but deeper than that and beyond that as well I definitely think that gun control in this country needs to really be faced head on… in light of the current issues and situations that have happened in America. … You have idiots in this country who could actually potentially be empowered talk about banning a whole religion from entering this country so you know there is a lot of stupidity going on and I tell people all the time don’t act like it can’t happen. Especially in a time and a space where we have created such history in the last decade for America to really make an unwise choice.” (Music Choice)

A couple days ago, singer Melanie Fiona responded to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump over his belief in Islamic terrorists being responsible for the country’s gun violence.

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On social media Sunday (June 12), Roc Nation’s Vic Mensa explained how Trump’s radical politics encouraged gun violence.

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Reality TV star Kim Kardashian exploded over the senseless murders and revealed her issues with the country’s gun control laws.

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