“Everyday Struggle” host DJ Akademiks has some words for Drake. The hip-hop personality has responded to getting checked on the new “Diplomatic Immunity” single.

Ak took to his YouTube channel to address Drizzy going at his “Everyday Struggle” show and former co-host Joe Budden.

“One of my worst fears is having a f*cking trash rapper diss me. You wanna know why? Because low-key that trash rapper is only gonna be remembered by the song he dissed me on, okay? However, a n*gga at the top of the game? That’s a different story. … It’s a handshaking acknowledgement. Whether it’s a shout-out or a diss, one of the top rappers in the genre acknowledged your presence. Now it means you’re impactful. Gotta keep it a hundred with you. It’s all goodie. … That’s my favorite rapper currently and it only gets a little dicey – it does come with the game. To be a culture critic, you cannot only criticize and be negative or say bad things or whatever about people you don’t care about. You gotta criticize the people you like. … I don’t know who in the OVO sweatshop I got beef with. I don’t know what writer I pissed off. But apparently Drake dropped some bars last night that were aimed at Joe Budden and myself.”

On the new track, Drizzy takes direct aim at Joe Budden and references his work as a rap analyst.

“Diplomatic Immunity” is supposed to be all scorched earth, Drake lashing out over a Nick Brongers and Boi-1da beat, and a couple of things do catch. The reference to Joe Budden works well as a not-angry-just-disappointed line: “I’ve seen buddin’ careers turn to sit around and talk about other careers, judging their peers.” But give Drake a minute or two and he’s back into his feelings, thinking about J. Lo and her new boyfriend and what could’ve been. (Noisey Vice)

Lyric-decoding site Genius went a little deeper and pointed out other direct references to both Joe Budden and Lopez.