Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill might catch a bigger break than expected from a reported FBI probe into Judge Genece Brinkley. New reports claim the rap star’s judge broke protocol by allowing Meek to associate with former convicted felon and music manager Charlie Mack.

According to reports, Genece might find herself in serious hot water courtesy of new docs suggesting she has a connection to Mack.

TMZ has obtained a court transcript in which the Assistant D.A. in Meek’s case reminded the judge that she made a big exception for Meek associating with Charlie Mack. Mack pled guilty in 1997 to conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine, for which he got a 60-month sentence. As we told you, the FBI is reportedly investigating whether Judge Genece Brinkley has a connection to Mack and whether she tried to steer Meek’s business Mack’s way. (TMZ)

Last night, clips emerged from fans showing their support at a Meek Mill Philadelphia rally.

Thousands rally in Philly for #MeekMill.

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Last weekend, various high-profile entertainers showed their support for yesterday’s Philadelphia rally.

The part that they ain't gonna tell you is, i may laugh and joke but I know the importance of having support and having a voice OUTSIDE the walls. I spoke to this man several times when he had to do some time before- REAL SHIT- and just like I told him before, "sometimes people do shit to you just to make you feel like you are NOT special but in turn they end up treating you worse than everybody else". It's one of the cons of being "famous"🤷🏽‍♀️ Everybody think they KNOW you. 🙄And then you have these blogs that post all types of fuckery and use their platform & millions of followers to mislead the masses with their captions. Yet, I don't see any of them posting shit that REALLY matters🤔 Fake news, fake journalism all that shit that police, P.O.s, juries, judges, D.A.s, etc…read just like everybody else- as if it's the Bible; as if it's 100% truth. All that shit contributes to unjust sentences , so when you posting " Click-Bait" know that YOU are facilitating the problem too. The majority never been through nothing like this so they just talking because they have lips. If you in the Philly area tomorrow, Nov. 13th, go support- you never know, one day it could be you or one of your loved ones being handled crazy by the " justice system" Trust me prison doesn't just affect the person incarcerated; everyone close to that person feels it- mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters, friends, the list goes on 🙏🏽#TheTruthDontNeedAnExplanation #RemyMa #RemyMafia #FreeMeek

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F R E E M E E K @meekmill

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Tomorrow 💪🏿 #FreeMeek #Philly

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#FreeMeek 💯

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