Dipset’s Vado has revealed his Top 5 favorite Harlem rappers of all time ranging from his own Diplomats collective to the late Big L.

Within his first three picks, Vado paid homage to L and also found space to include “Horse & Carriage” collaborators Cam’ron and Mase.

“For starters, I have to go with Big L because he was, in my eyes, the first one to get off on the hood. You know, he had a chance to take it far, but unfortunately, you know, rest in peace Big L. He’s my number one…Definitely, I’d have to go with Cam for what he did for Harlem. You know, he was the only artist that made it out of Harlem and took a whole lot of people after him, that made them successful…Ma$e put the scope on Harlem, you know? When he first came out with [Diddy] and everything. He’s one of the best that really went international with it and just had Harlem like Beverly Hills, somewhere that they wanted to come to.” (XXL Mag)

Rounding out his list, Vado put Juelz Santana and Young Money’s Jae Millz in there.

“I would definitely have to say Juelz, definitely ’cause, you know, what he brought to the game. He was young and he really took it further than a lot [of rappers]. He made it motivational for a lot of artists, young artists to try to walk his path with it…Jae Millz, as far as what he brought to the game on the battling tip. He was the first artist to come out of Harlem on the battling tip and get a deal. There’s some history for y’all. Harlem!” (XXL Mag)

Last month, Cam’ron formally announced Vado’s signing to Interscope Records.

On Monday (March 28), Cam’ron announced that his protégé, fellow Harlem rapper Vado, has inked a recording contract with Interscope Records. “He just signed a deal with Interscope,” the rapper told Angie Martinez on her Hot 97 radio show. “Shout to Jimmy Iovine, DJ [DJ Mormile, senior VP of A&R at Interscope], what up, yo?! Big shout to DJ and Jimmy Iovine over there at Interscope. We appreciate that.” (MTV)

Vado and Cam’s upcoming Gunz N’ Butta album tracklisting leaked online last week.

1. Killa 2. American Greed 3. Heat In Here 4. Face-Off 5.I -Luv U 6. Put A Bird Up 7. Monster Muzik 8. Breathe 9. Fuck-A-Freestyle 10. Lights, Camera, Action (feat. Skylnn) 11. Stop It 12. Speaking In Tungs 13. Hey Muma 14. We All Up In Here 15. They Don’t Like You 16. Be With Me 17. Hey Muma (Instrumental) 18. We All Up In Here (Instrumental) (Gunz N’ Butta)

Gunz N’ Butta is slated to drop Tuesday, April 19th.

Check out some recent Vado footage down below: