Dipset affiliate JR Writer has reportedly been released from prison after serving time behind bars for an assault crime.

A picture of JR’s return home from the stint surfaced on his Instagram page Monday (November 30).


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#jrwriter who was most famous for being down with #dipset has been released from prison after serving a few years.

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Check out what JR Writer said before heading into prison on the next page…

Prior to his release, JR’s Instagram page filled with 11/30 release date posts.


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Last year, JR talked about preparing to head to prison.

“Umm, I don’t want to give too much detail, but I’ll be right back ASAP, before you know it. I ain’t got to do four or five years or noting like that. It ain’t no rape charge or noting like that. It’s an assault for something that I didn’t do. But, you know, it’s all-good. I just had to step back and evaluate my circle.Being around the wrong stupid n*ggas will put you in f*cked up situations like this, but this is life and you learn. I definitely had to be a man, stand up and handle mine.” (The Source)

Writer also dished on what he planned to do upon his release.

“Expect a f*cking beast when I come home. My n*gga, I’m turning all the way up. I’ma focus up, get my mind right, get my house right and get ready to tear the game up. Just know that I’m be on some bullsh*t, I’ma be on my bullsh*t. Word.” (The Source)

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