[With his graduation on deck, Reverend Run’s son/rapper Diggy Simmons reflects on his rededication to learning and gives SOHH readers a couple of tips for achieving their goals.]

It’s funny because I really, really started caring when I got into my music and when I got home schooled and when things got really busy. If I ever felt like I might have slacked in the beginning or anything like that, [it’s changed now].

When I started home schooling, that’s when I started my music. It felt like I needed it. It felt like it was so important for me to get [my school work] done and that I was learning these things and it all began to become more receptive and to take all of this knowledge and tell others about it, it’s amazing.

I’m now going out and talking to kids my age and letting them know to talk to their teachers and get involved in these lectures and know what it is that you want to do with your life. My big thing is always saying, “Do what you have to do now and then you can do what you want to do later.”

Out of all the school subjects, I would say English has always been my favorite one. Even before that, I’ve always liked reading certain books that I’ve been given in school but mostly I’ve loved creative writing and things like that.

That’s always fun for me and certain essays, especially if I love the topics.

I love doing that.

On Wednesday of this week, Diggy Simmons served as Celebrity Principal for the Day to the students of New Era Academy in Baltimore, Maryland. While their peers across Baltimore were hitting the books, the New Era Academy students received a special visit from hip-hop royalty Diggy, Rev. Run’s son, as he surprised them in their classrooms and hosted a school wide assembly where he judged a dance contest and took questions from a lucky student. The New Era Academy students won a visit from Diggy by significantly improving their attendance in the Get Schooled Foundation’s National Attendance Challenge.