Diddy’s Bad Boy Protégé Names His Fave Notorious Track: “I Was Into Pac First & Then Got Into Biggie” [Audio]

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Days after the 16th anniversary of late rapper Notorious B.I.G.'s passing, Bad Boy Records' Machine Gun Kelly has reflected on his legacy and revealed his all-time favorite Biggie Smalls song.

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While he co-signed B.I.G.’s hard-hitting “Ten Crack Commandments,” MGK said Big Poppa’s motivational “Sky Is The Limit” is his top pick.

“It was the eighth grade for me,” MGK said when asked when he started messing with the late Notorious B.I.G.’s music. “I actually got into B.I.G. late. I was into [late rapper] Pac first and then got into Biggie. B.I.G. was someone I got into in high school and like, when I got into him though, I really got into him. Like, ‘Ten Crack Commandments’ is one of my favorite tracks he ever did. Matter of fact, ‘Sky Is The Limit’ is my favorite because I used to run away from my dad’s house. He would kick me out and I would just play ‘Sky Is The Limit’ and it would just make me feel okay all the time. Yeah, yeah, ‘Sky Is The Limit’ is my favorite Biggie joint.” (Whoolywood Shuffle)

Last year, B.I.G.’s Bad Boy boss Diddy named his favorite Life After Death song.

“Aww man, Life After Death? It would probably have to be …,” Diddy responded when Sway asked him to pick his #1 LAD track while the two were on the set of a Miami video shoot in January. ” ‘My Downfall,’ ‘My Downfall’ is my favorite joint.” The Hitmen-produced track is a gut-wrenching display of Brooklyn bravado. “My Downfall” is prefaced by a skit in which Biggie receives death threats over the phone, exemplifying the type of resentment that Big’s success brought out in his detractors. With rap legend DMC on the song’s hook and Diddy adding fiery ad libs, B.I.G. eerily pondered his own death. (MTV)

The project’s unreleased cover art surfaced across the Internet last weekend.

As we collectively commemorate the 16th anniversary of Christopher Wallace’s untimely death today, the good folks over at ego trip have unearthed a real gem from the Biggie vault. Coupled with an interview with the record’s art director Ebon Heath, we get a look at the early designs for Big’s iconic (for more reasons than one) 1997 sophomore album, Life After Death. Heath also drops some gems about how the final design came about, the events that followed the rapper’s tragic passing, and even the time Biggie checked Diddy at the album cover photo shoot! (Miss Info TV)

Recently, Notorious’ ex-wife Faith Evans spoke on his unsolved murder.

While the case is inactive, Faith hasn’t given up hope that Biggie’s murder will be solved. “We haven’t laid it to rest. We still very much want to see the person responsible brought to justice. That means more to us than anything,” said Faith, who’s spent millions on lawyers throughout the years. “There’s no point in paying lawyers’ fees and the LAPD isn’t really cooperating.” Wendy Williams also brought up the “love triangle” between her, Biggie, and Lil’ Kim, who she caught in bed with her husband. “Let’s just say I was there for the rest of the day cooking Christmas dinner, although I knew that was one of the last times I’d spend with him like that,” said Faith of that day. (Rap-Up)

Check out MGK’s interview:

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