A judge rejected a 3 million dollar invasion-of-privacy lawsuit against Vibe magazine and hip-hop mogul Diddy after a woman sued them over a topless image appearing in the magazine nearly two years ago.

According to New York’s Daily News, the photo was taken in 2003 at a party thrown by Diddy in The Hamptons and featured the plaintiff, Maria Dominguez, semi-nude in a pool with two other women dressed as mermaids. Despite running in the November 2006 issue under the headline “Mermaids gone wild,” Judge Doris Ling-Cohan ruled in Vibe‘s favor.

“Sean Combs and his renowned annual White Party are subjects of tremendous public interest, attracting the steady attention of the public and many news organizations,” Ling-Cohan wrote in a statement.

Aside from being surrounded by public figures including Howard Stern, Moby and Heavy D, a lawyer for Diddy also argued the appearance of photographers should have been a warning.

“When you come to a party and you dress provocatively and you see a swarm of photographers there, you would know what you’re getting yourself into,” attorney Jonathan Davis told the Daily News.

Ling-Cohan dropped the case and Dominguez was not awarded any damages.

In related news, Vibe recently found themselves in hot water after their latest issue hit news stands with R&B singer Ciara appearing fully nude on the cover. Rumors began to spread claiming she was on the verge of suing the publication for allegedly photo editing her images.

Addressing the gossip of possible legal threats, editor-in-chief Danyel Smith recently spoke with New York urban station KISS-FM, saying that no lawsuits to weigh-in the magazine’s stance.

“Almost any photo you see on the cover of Vibe or any magazine is airbrushed,” Smith said. “What I was thinking of doing, actually, was releasing the un-retouched photos–so people can see what the hullabaloo is all about. I have so much respect for Ciara–and Ciara was so happy when she pitched this idea to us, and the photos are actually striking and beautiful.”

Smith said Ciara has yet to file a lawsuit against the publication.

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