With the popularity of rap stars like Ludacris and Pitbull now having their own liquor lines, a new report shows how much of an impact hip-hop mogul Diddy has had on Ciroc Vodka since inking a multi-year development deal in 2007.

According to reports, Diddy took the Ciroc Brand and quickly made it an immediate vodka competitior.

Diddy’s aggressive campaigning has set his brand apart from competitors. He helped bolster the company from the middling 98,000 cases it sold in 2007 — before he was involved — to moving 795,000 cases in 2010, making it the eighth largest imported vodka brand by volume, according to current statistics from the Beverage Information Group, a Connecticut-based firm that tracks information on all segments of the alcohol beverage industry. The liquor is reportedly on track to move 1 million cases by year’s end. Selling booze is just a natural for a music genre that’s all about the party. It’s easy to integrate drinks into videos and lyrics. But Diddy has pushed the envelope, allowing Ciroc to become part of his daily conversation with his fans. Other rappers haven’t been able to do that with their vanity lines, according to Vinokur. (Los Angeles Times)

Prior to an open apology, Diddy lashed out at Atlanta clubgoers last month for not sipping Ciroc.

Last night, it was about to go down at the BET After Party at Compound Nightclub hosted by Diddy and T.I. At some point in the night, Diddy grew upset because some patrons were holding up Grey Goose instead of Ciroc and went into a verbal tirade on the mic while throwing a drink across the room. ‘Put that sh** down. It’s Ciroc Boys in The building. What you gonna do? This is my house’, he can be heard saying on a video of the incident that’s circulating. Meanwhile, although it looks like Kenny Burns was on the receiving end of the tirade, I am told he was actually trying to calm Diddy down. (Necole Bitchie)

Known for his development partnership with Ciroc, Diddy also issued an apology last year after taunting the company’s alcoholic beverage competition by labeling it “pee pee.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, I come to you today as a man,” Diddy says, “I feel like only a true man steps up to the plate. And people may not agree with his position and that man says, ‘I’m sorry.’ I’m sorry to all I may have offended. We’re sorry for being the best… I am sorry that I came out with these flavors that taste so good — I am sorry that the competition sales are down and we’re up, there’s nothing I could do about that, nothing I can do about the way your vodka tastes. I am sorry that I am coming to you live from a bubble bath. I’m sorry. I’m not really sorry, this tastes good. Ciroc Vodka.” (P. Twitty TV)

Puff Daddy has also relied on celebrity endorsements and co-signs courtesy of Jadakiss, Rick Ross and Trina to help push the brand.

“Things are gonna be real big,” Diddy said about Trina in February 2010. “She’s an official Ciroc girl…Ciroc is gonna be promoting her album, she’s gonna be helping us, we gonna be doing it together. We got a new partnership that we rocking with but most importantly, the record and a video is off the chain…You gonna see us performing the joint live, too. She’s gonna have the full-length chinchilla and just be buckey-naked with some stickies on. You know what I’m saying, because the body is thorough. Believe that, she’s in the gym!” (Slip N Slide Records)

Check out some past Diddy & Ciroc footage below: