Music mogul Diddy isn’t having it this election year. The hip-hop mogul has come forward to share his feeling about the black vote holding major weight in the upcoming bid for the United States presidency.

Diddy 4 Prez

During an appearance on iconic supermodel Naomi Campbell‘s “No Filter with Naomi” web series, Puff Daddy didn’t hold back. Diddy explained why the black vote isn’t going to blindly support Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“The black vote is not going to be for free. Nothing has changed for Black America. In order for us to vote for Biden, we can’t be taken for granted like we always are because we’re supposed to be Democrats or because people are afraid of Trump. It’s business at this point. You know, we can’t trust politicians.” (“No Filter with Naomi“)

Whoa Dere

The strong remarks generated some mixed reactions. Longtime Diddy pal Jamie Foxx shared his own take in the situation.

Several people are pushing back against Diddy’s stance. Notably, Jamie Foxx responded to Diddy’s post on Instagram and encouraged people to vote for values rather than the person. “There is no way that anyone can live up to what we think should be a candidate because we want perfection […] the other side won because they wanted legislation,” he wrote. (HYPEBEAST)

Wait, There’s More

Diddy’s business affiliate Kenny Burns also shared his issues with the situation. Burns went public and lit Puffy up about the remarks.

“WOW @Diddy You erase My Truthful Comment and keep the VOTE FOR TRUMP comments on Your Page 🤔 Then You Block Me…lol And You’re really going to wait til it’s 2 Candidates to say that Your Holding “Our Vote”… Come on Champ! This is NOT Leadership!!! Where were You during the primaries??? What Happened to #VoteOrDie??? TRUMP BEiNG PUT OUT OF OFFiCE iS THE ONLY OPTiON!!! PERiOD.” -Kenny Burns’ Instagram

Before You Go

Outside of the presidential talk, Diddy has encouraged minority owners to reach out to get financial help with their businesses through stimulus money.

“Let’s not play ourselves!! There is billions of dollars in stimulus money available for minority entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners. We created OURFAIRSHARE.COM to help you with this process. Make sure you apply ASAP! @ourfairshare” -Diddy’s Instagram