Diddy, Talib Kweli, DJ Drama and more have expressed their thoughts from Sunday’s 81st Academy Awards revealing their early predictions and post-win reactions.

Taking the time to place himself as a critic, Kweli described his feelings on Brad Pitt‘s Benjamin Button-nominated film.

Cameron Mitchell sent me on the Benjamin Button audition like this film is gonna win Oscars,” Kweli wrote unmodified. “Three years ago good job Cameron…If someone asks if I got the part in Benjamin Button should I give him the obvious answer? Yes. Go To YOTB media section for my Button‘s movie review.” (Kweli’s Twitter)

The RootsQuestlove also joked about the various actors and their families throughout the audience.

“Ok we know its going to [Heath] Ledger,” he wrote unmodified. “Just give it to them already…Why the Ledge clan in the Rosa Parks section?!?!?!…I’m amazed they are not reading cue cards…That’s what makes it nice to see…[Mickey] Rourke baby!!! Lookin’ fo’ Lil’ Joe. I got $ on this son!!!!!!!!!!” (Questlove’s Twitter)

DJ Drama weighed in on some early predictions on what films would likely win.

Wall-E…,” ‘Barack O’ Drama’ wrote unmodified. “No brainer. Wall-E…Zari and Avye’s favorite.” (DJ Drama’s Twitter)

New York City radio personality Peter Rosenberg wasted no time revealing his Oscar hopefuls.

“Heath was awesome..much better than Robert Downey (who is arguably the best in the game if you ask me),” Pete wrote unmodified. “Is it worse to admit I’m so over Slumdog? And while it was a great movie — people are gonna look back at it as cheesey as sh*t. If Mickey [Rourke] loses I’m turning this sh*t off! Sean Penn was great but didn’t touch Rourke..f*cking Hollywood bullsh*t…why do I watch this crap? Good night and go f*ck yourself San Diego.” (Rosenberg’s Twitter)

Diddy, opting out of following each win, proclaimed his escape to an Academy Awards after party.

“About to go to Oscars party,” he wrote unmodified. “Come with!!!! Let’s go!!!!” (Diddy’s Twitter)

While most hip-hop heads stayed on their Twitter, the annual awards show was highlighted with various R&B performances.

The 81st Academy Awards went down at L.A.’s Kodak Theatre Sunday evening and R&B was definitely in the building. After skipping the Grammy’s, Beyonce brought her Dereon gown to the show, Alicia Keys showed off what a little hard work in the gym can do for her legs and Queen Latifah delivered just like she always does. John Legend was also in the house. (SOHH Soulful)

The ceremony also showcased a variety of big wins.

Slumdog Millionaire won “Best Picture.” Sean Penn won “Lead Actor” for Milk while Kate Winslet won “Lead Actress” for her role in The Reader. Danny Boyle won “Best Director” for Slumdog Millionaire. Heath Ledger was awarded “Best Supporting Actor” for The Dark Knight and Penelope Cruz won “Supporting Actress” for Vicky Cristina Barcelona. (Reuters)